Science Fiction–military, alternate history, cultural, political, general, and “hard” SF, steampunk, cyberpunk (surprise us with something new)

Fantasy–non-traditional, traditional, comic, historical, urban, modern, and high fantasy

Mystery & Suspense–non-traditional, detective, hard-boiled, police procedural, political, military, thrillers

Horror–non-traditional, suspense-based horror only

Western–historical only

Genre Crossovers (i.e., SF/Mystery, Western Fantasy, etc.)

Gaming–We are building a new role-playing game system; any stories we commission for use as gaming backgrounds will be set within that system and based upon it. Once the system is complete, we will make the specifications and requirements for gaming submissions available.

We are primarily interested in acquiring literary and commercial quality works that will conform to the high standards of our publishing and production process. Although there may be “nothing new under the sun” when it comes to genre fiction we’re looking for the fresh and original viewpoint. Our standard rule is no cozy mysteries, no fifth-generation Tolkien rip-offs, no clones of television SF series or Anime, no genius serial killers, no romantic vampires, no prep-school wizardlings–unless the author has found an original, literarily sound, non-plagerizing twist on one of those overused themes. We definitely will not find interest in any fiction that plagerizes or draws from any popular fiction series or gaming system.