by Rory Harper

This critically-acclaimed science fiction novel is set in an alternate universe in which organic, semi-sentient, alien-engineered oilfield drilling rigs roam the plains of Texas and the Southwest in search of petroleum.
Petrogypsies is the first in Harper’s series about the great drilling beast, Sprocket, his best friend, former farmer Henry Lee MacFarland, and the rowdy, musical crew of “petrogypsies” who travel with them in their quest for fortune, romance, and adventure.

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Trade Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9819866-1-6
DarkStar Books-Fall 2009
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– cover painting by Hugo Award winning artist Brad Foster –
– cover design and interior illustrations by Jason Carranza –

For Sprocket and Henry Lee,
it was love at first blow-out …

Henry Lee MacFarland is a big ugly man, a farmer who is so strong that he has to be gentle, whether he’s dealing with livestock or with normal people.
Sprocket is a hundred and twelve feet of healthy young male Driller, dark as a moonless night, with a spiked tongue that can bore four miles into the earth in his relentless quest for the thing he loves best–Texas heavy crude oil.
Doc, Razer, Big Mac, and the others in Sprocket’s crew are the roughest, rowdiest bunch in the oilpatch. They live inside of Sprocket’s body and travel like gypsies from one drilling job to another. They work like animals. Party like ’em, too.
Then there’s Star, the stunning Casing gypsy who has a hankering for fine cigars, a killer instinct at poker, and a taste for big, ugly, strong men.
Looking for adventure, Henry Lee leaves the farm behind and signs on with Sprocket’s crew.
He gets a helluva lot more “adventure”–as in monsters, mayhem, and murder–than he bargained for.

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Reviews and Links:

Locus  Locus Magazine
“Rory Harper’s sensibility is warm, earthy, whimsical, cleverly off-center, and, when he wants it to be, bawdy as all get out … Petrogypsies is a blue-collar, red-neck world where folks sweat and love and work and get hurt … Petrogypsies has got to be one of the most auspicious debuts of the year.”

Falkeep  A review by Falkeep
“The people who don’t know Texas … will still find a lot to enjoy and laugh about, right down to the cover by another of our Texas treasures, multiple Hugo award winner Brad Foster. The people, who DO know, will quickly and proudly put it on their special bookcase … that one that is anchored with Lone Star Universe. The setting of the world of the Petrogypsies is one in which, in the American deserts of the 1840s, remarkable and possibly alien creatures were discovered. They are probably bio-tech; in fact, I wonder how one of them would stand up against Alien. These creatures are specifically designed as oilfield equipment … drillers, casers, cementers, etc. and, as they were discovered before the oil boom in America. Thus, oilfield life developed as a life one of specially trained and skilled migrant workers, oil field gypsies specializing in the work of their particular creature. I can’t imagine any other writer putting it down and saying to himself ‘Damn, *I* was working on an idea like that.'”


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