Morticai’s Luck
by Darlene Bolesny

The first novel in Darlene Bolseny’s Duanor series, Morticai’s Luck is a rip-roaring, swashbuckling fantasy adventure that is a cross between The Three Musketeers, The Lord of the Rings, The Thief of Baghdad, and the 87th Precinctmysteries.

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Trade Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9819866-2-3
DarkStar Books-Fall 2009
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– cover painting by Veronica V. Jones –
– cover design and interior illustrations by Jason Carranza –

Knives in the Night …

Welcome to the haunted, twin-mooned world of Duanor. Meet Morticai–a reckless rogue, a man of many alias, a ladies’ man, a skilled gambler and a believer in gods-given luck, an expert bladesman, an adept thief … and a (somewhat) respected lawman.
The Droken, the bloodthirsty devotees of a sadistic, outlawed god, murdered Morticai’s parents, leaving him to survive alone as an unwanted corryn orphan on the meanest streets of Watchaven, a human city. Once a professional thief, he escaped the criminal underworld by joining the Northmarch, the kingdom’s elite paramilitary peacekeeping force. But even while honoring his peace officer’s oaths, he holds even stronger to his childhood vow to find and punish those who murdered his parents, and to oppose the works of Droka wherever he finds them.
Using his second-story skills from his past life, he discovers a nest of Droken that has infiltrated his own city and is commanded by powerful, nearly untouchable members of the nobility. His unofficial actions against them nearly cost him his life and his commission, but Morticai refuses to give up. Stubbornly following the lead, and aided by his loyal Northmarcher squad mates and a Knight of the Faith, he finds evidence of a shadowy conspiracy designed to embroil Watchaven and the corryn kingdom of Dynolva in a disastrous trade war that threatens to overwhelm not only Watchaven and Dynolva but all of the kingdoms, human and corryn, of Duanor.
It’s not the first time that Morticai has found himself in over his head … but it may be the last.

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Reviews and Links:

B&N  A Barnes & Noble review by Dreux Blalock
“Blending fantasy, historical fiction, and espionage all into one, Ms. Bolesny takes fantasy fiction to a new level. In a world reminiscent of the Renaissance Era of earth, She throws the books protagonist, Morticai, into a realm of secret societies, honor driven regiments, demon worshiping masses, and even a good old fashioned form of the Inquisition! In true sadistic fashion, Ms. Bolesny places poor Morticai to get the brunt of just about every bad thing possible! As you read this book, there will be times you want to throw it across, and times when you cannot wait to see what happens next. I recommend Morticai’s Luck to any and all people who are wanting a swashbuckling adventure in a world that is strangely familiar, yet foreign at the same time.'”

AC  An review by Trith Dietz
“In Morticai’s Luck Ms. Bolesny has crafted a compelling story and the beginning of what will hopefully be a new series. Morticai is a strong willed rascal who is forced to discover the depth of his own mettle to survive in a tale of adventure and intrigue. I could not put this book down and look forward to more installments of Morticai’s adventures. Bolesny is an exciting new voice in heroic fantasy.”


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