The official site for Myth-Information regarding your favorite humorous fantasy series, Myth Adventures, featuring Skeeve, wanna-be magician, and his scaley mentor, Aahz, created by NO Quarter author Robert Lynn Asprin, and written by Asprin and Jody Lynn Nye.
Event Horizon EBooks  is our ebook-specific sister imprint. EHE specializes in backlist fiction, particularly in science fiction and fantasy. Using a combination of new processes and the latest technology, EHE produces high-quality ebooks that have the look and ease of use of printed books. EHE is reprinting classics and favorites by authors such as David Drake, Christopher Stasheff, Katerine Kurtz, Patricia Anthony and many others.

Eric Del Carlo:  The home page of the co-author of NO Quarter

b>Crescent Blues E-Zine:  An interview with Robert Asprin and Eric Del Carlo about their collaboration on NO Quarter

Darlene Bolesny:  The home page for the author of Morticai’s Luck and the Duanor series

Eat Our Brains:  The semi-legendary writer’s blog created by Petrogypsies author Rory Harper and others

SmithArt:  The art and animation of Nathan Smith, our cover artist for NO Quarter and Stephen Banister’s The St. Charles House.

Jabberwocky Graphix:  The art of Brad Foster, our cover artist for Rory Harper’s Petrogypsies.

Moonshines  The Fantasy Art of Veronica V. Jones, our cover artist for Darlene Bolesny’s Morticai’s Luck

The Latin Translator:   It’s the voice of Quintus you hear when you play DarkStar’s motto.

Vampwriter:  The home page of our good friend P.N. Elrod, the creator of Jack Fleming, the good-guy vampire detective in 1930s Chicago, and of Jonathan Barrett – Gentleman Vampire, the four-novel ebook omnibus from DarkStar. Also check out P.N. Elrod’s special edition of the Jack Fleming story, The Devil You Know, a signed, limited edition novela available only through the author’s website. Produced and printed for the author by DarkStar Books and our associates at Britton & Knowles Publishing Group.