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Signings, appearances, and other scheduled events …

ConDFW XI, Crowne Plaza Suites, Dallas, Texas, February 17-19, 2012:
DarkStar and Event Horizons authors and editors.

Convention, signing, and other event photos …

DarkStar Books “Mardi Gras” launch party
at Con DFW, February 2009 …

Authentic New Orleans Mardi Gras King cake …
Our banner in the Dealer’s Room …









Teresa with Rhonda Eudaly in the reading room …
Teresa Patterson reads from NO Quarter …









Darlene Bolesny hands out Mardi Gras beads as the party room fills up ..


David Weber, Rhonda Eudaly, Tom Knowles and “The Redheads of the Apocalypse” …








C.J. Miller, Taylor Anderson, & Darlene get some air as the party spills out into the hall …
Darlene sets out snacks under the Lone Star banner..











Jamey Knowles, DarkStar’s gaming designer, sets up our tables and banners in A-Kon 20’s “Artist’s Alley.” In keeping with the theme of NO Quarter, our upcoming French Quarter suspense novel by Robert Lynn Asprin, Eric Del Carlo, and Teresa Patterson, Jamey read Tarot cards for the fans who stopped by. We shared a corner two-table space with Bill Fawcett and Jody Lynn Nye. In addition to promoting NO Quarter and Jeff Carroll’s Being Texan, our upcoming publications from DarkStar Books and Lone Star Publishing, we also promoted other works by our authors, associates, and friends, including The Devil You Know, P.N. Elrod’s new signed, limited edition Jack Fleming novella, and books by Robert Lynn Asprin, Teresa Patterson, Bill Fawcett, Jody Lynn Nye, and Lynn Abbey.







Bill Fawcett drops by for a visit …

Publisher’s Representative
Distribution Partners

Fields of interest

Science Fiction–military, alternate history, cultural, political, general, and “hard” SF, steampunk, cyberpunk (surprise us with something new)

Fantasy–non-traditional, traditional, comic, historical, urban, modern, and high fantasy

Mystery & Suspense–non-traditional, detective, hard-boiled, police procedural, political, military, thrillers

Horror–non-traditional, suspense-based horror only

Western–historical only

Genre Crossovers (i.e., SF/Mystery, Western Fantasy, etc.)

Gaming–We are building a new role-playing game system; any stories we commission for use as gaming backgrounds will be set within that system and based upon it. Once the system is complete, we will make the specifications and requirements for gaming submissions available.

We are primarily interested in acquiring literary and commercial quality works that will conform to the high standards of our publishing and production process. Although there may be “nothing new under the sun” when it comes to genre fiction we’re looking for the fresh and original viewpoint. Our standard rule is no cozy mysteries, no fifth-generation Tolkien rip-offs, no clones of television SF series or Anime, no genius serial killers, no romantic vampires, no prep-school wizardlings–unless the author has found an original, literarily sound, non-plagerizing twist on one of those overused themes. We definitely will not find interest in any fiction that plagerizes or draws from any popular fiction series or gaming system.

Submissions policy

We are a new “small” press. We do not intend to stay small, so we are at present working with specific, established authors in order to build our line. We will not accept unsolicited submissions; we will return unsolicited submissions unopened or discard them. We will accept queries exclusively from accredited author representatives and literary agencies, and only for established or otherwise recognized authors. Literary agents who believe that their clients’ work might match our publishing requirements may contact us with inquiries only–no manuscripts, outlines, or synopses without prior approval of the query, please. Agents may contact us via telephone, e-mail, or regular mail. Please bring submission queries to the attention of our staff by using the notation, “Acquisitions Editor.”

We may at some point in the future open our submission process to first-time and/or unrepresented authors. At such time we will indicate the change in our policy.

Exceptions: We have and will continue to invite submissions from specifically chosen published authors, whether or not they are presently represented. Example: A writer who has published a short story in a professional, semi-pro, or (acceptable) fan venue. Our editors and associates often attend literary and media conventions at which we take note of readings by such authors and may invite queries and submissions based on that. Under no circumstances will we invite or accept manuscripts, solicited or otherwise, from new, unpublished, unrepresented authors while attending conventions. If invited at a convention to make a submission or send a query, an author will be asked to submit it by email or regular mail.

In other words, the best way to break in if you’ve not published a novel and aren’t represented by a literary agent is to publish short fiction in some venue that is acceptable to the convention organization, secure an invitation to read your work there, and do a great reading when we happen to be there.

We do not plan to publish short fiction/anthologies until we’ve established our brand with our novels. If you are a short fiction writer or anthologist, please take this into consideration.


The editors and authors at DarkStar have collaborated to create a standard publishing contract based on elements of our many years of experience in the industry and the recommendations of recognized writers organizations. This contract’s advance and royalty structure, reserve on returns policy, and rights and revision terms, are based on these recommendations and experiences. We believe that the terms of this contract are unique within the industry.

We will make a copy of our standard contract available to accredited author and artist representatives upon written or e-mailed request, depending on approval by our publishing board.